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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday 11 December 2016

Fall Blau Painting Update - 11th December 2016

This week I've finished another 14 figures for the Fall Blau project, this time a bunch of Crusader Miniatures Germans and a 37mm PaK36 from Northstar.

I've added three more LMG teams so that I can either field a second Grenadier platoon - what with the number of figures I already have painted - or field the platoon as PanzerGrenadiers with two LMG per section.

Again, I've used the mix of uniform colours that I used in the earlier batches so it's not all Field Grey, there is a bit of Luftwaffe Blue and German Uniform in there to break it up. I quite like the effect and I think it gives a more 'on campaign' look.

The Pak36 is a lovely resin model from Northstar that is dead easy to assemble and paints up a treat. The crew are all from the Crusader Miniature range, but like the earlier Soviet one I requested extra models so that I can field it with a full five-man crew.

The crews are all individually based and fit into recesses I made in the basing material for easy casualty removal. I also did this for the Soviet one but never photographed it un-crewed.

The final three figures are an officer and a couple of spare crewmen for the gun that may get re-purposed at a later date.

The last shot is a quick snap of my painting area, we no longer have a studio since moving to the US, So, I now paint - and store my figures - in the large closet in our spare bedroom / den.

It's a really comfortable are to work in, I just open the doors and everything is there ready for me and I can shut the doors on it and nobody sees my mess.

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