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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday 18 December 2016

Viking warriors for Tony

This week I've finished a dozen Viking warriors that shall be returning to the UK in the new year to join Tonys' collection.

I started painting these months ago, six of the warriors had been base-coated and washed while still in the UK, they crossed the Atlantic with me and languished on the painting table for ages before I finished them off last week. The second six were done in a much more timely manner over the past few days.

The first four are Shieldwall Miniatures Viking beserkers.

The next are all Gripping Beast warriors and leaders.

Finally four Gripping Beast axemen, one converted to carry a banner, this is a Little Bigman Studios Raven Banner.

For next weeks update I shall be back on mt El Cid forces, more Black Guard and hopefully my first few Andalusians.

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