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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

ACW Reinforcements(2)

Following on from the last update I've been working away at the 6mm ACW collection. When I say 6mm that's nominal, these Adler Miniatures are closer to 8mm, but the sculpting is lovely and I don't plan to mix them with any other ranges.

All are done from a primer of black, the detail is blocked in and then finished with a wash of Windsor & Newton peat brown ink. You can really churn them out using this method.

I've added two units of Union infantry plus some more casualty markers.

The first unit is advancing in kepi with blanket rolls.

The second in kepi with backpacks, likewise advancing.

I've also added a dozen more casualties, a few of them mounted on doubles this time to represent two casualties on a unit.

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