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Copyright © 2022, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Fall Blau Painting Update - 12th February 2017

This week has seen some steady work on the Soviets with another dozen infantry finished and a T-34 added to the force.

The infantry are all from the old Bolt Action Miniatures (BAM) range that was sculpted by Paul Hicks and then subsequently acquired by Warlord Games and some of it incorporated into their range. These were given to me by Tony in exchange for painting those Vikings last year. They are a lovely range of figures, but like the Assault Group stuff I have already painted a few too many figures armed with PPS-43 to be suitable for the early 1942 games that I plan, but soon I'll hopefully have enough painted so that I can just field appropriate figures.

The first eight are mounted in doubles, the one on the left to use as a Patrol marker for our Chain of Command games and the other eight are LMG teams. The muzzles of the RPD are quite thin and I've already broken one off and had to stick it back on, hopefully they will be suitable for the rigours of gaming.

The next four are singles, I've added a couple more officers to my surfeit of commanders, but again, two lovely figures with bags of character, so why not. Plus another two riflemen to add to the collection,

Finally a T-34, I think that this is an old Chieftain Models one and was a bit of a bugger, there were two right mudguards and no left so I had to bodge the one on the left from a right one. Also a couple of issues with the early turret casting meant I had to again use a later model - I think I am being forced down the rails of 1943 gaming rather than 1942. But apart from the aforementioned issues a lovely model that went together easily and was a doddle to paint. I've added a fair amount of Tamiya weathering but it's not too obvious in the photos. The commander and tank-rider I believe are also BAM models.

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