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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 1 September 2019

WWII Germans reboot (1)

I've been painting quite a few WWII Soviets of late so it was about time that the Germans had a few reinforcements. Many of the recent Soviets I have been painting are in telogreika and ushanka so I thought I ought to have some Germans in bad weather gear too.

I placed an order with Nick at Northstar for some Crusader Miniatures Germans in greatcoats and picked them up at Partizan a couple of weeks ago.

As is normal for Crusader Miniatures, the figures are lovely characterful sculpts that take very little cleaning up and are a delight to paint.

The palette is very much as I've been long painting these Germans, but now, rather than using Vallejo Sepia Wash I am using Army Painter Strong Tone. I also experimented with doing some of the leather-work in Vallejo German Camo Black Brown rather than Black but I'm not sure it shows up that much.

 I decided to do the small group shots as the packs are supplied by Crusader Miniatures so this group of four is WWG171 - German Infantry in Greatcoats (Riflemen)

The second group of riflemen is from pack WWG172 - German Infantry in Greatcoats II (Riflemen)

The final four are WWG173 - German Infantry in Greatcoats (LMG Teams)

I've now got enough Germans painted to field two full platoons so as well as being able to play Big Chain of Command with them I can also have a go at I Ain't Been Shot Mum that I've not played for several years now.


  1. Great results on those. I'm currently wading through a platoon of DAK and are also using the Army Painter Strong Tone. (The one in the eye dropper not the tin.)
    You did a fantastic job with the faces.

    1. Thank you. I also use the stuff in the dropper. The faces include a wash with AP Flesh tone now too, did not mention it in the changes....

  2. Great looking greatcoated Germans!
    Best Iain