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Sunday, 8 September 2019

WWII Germans reboot (2)

Another eight of those lovely resin casualty markers from 1st Corps, this time a pack of the German ones. These are probably a bit too 'late war' for the current early/mid-war projects I am working on but nevertheless are a useful addition to the collection and will be used as pinned markers in our Chain of Command games/

I also picked up a pack of telegraph poles from the local model railway shop, these were based, sprayed brown and had the cross-pieces picked out in a rusty steel and the 'pots' painted as porcelain.

But they are a little small, and yesterday I saw on Tamsins blog that Rubicon did a more appropriate 'utility and light pole' set so I placed an order for some yesterday, but these will do in the meanwhile and they already had some use as you can see in some of the pictures of Wednesdays game.


  1. the telegraph poles, even if they're a bit small.

  2. Good looking casualties and useful telegraph posts,no matter their size! I did notice how remarkably small telegraph posts were in rural Ireland, they must vary a fair bit!
    Best Iain

    1. Cheers Iain, I think they must, but looking forwards to getting the Rubicons ones too.