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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

WWII Germans reboot (3)

While waiting for the wash to dry on some of the Tirailleurs I decided to try and get the Panzer II that has been languishing getting dusty in the backlog with a coat of Panzer Grey. I think the kit is from Chieftain Models.

The tracks and exhaust were painted with a mix of Gunmetal Grey and Saddle Brown then the whole lot was washed with Army Painter Dark Tone

Once dry the base colours were re-applied and a couple of highlights added then the decals applied.

Once the decals had set I gave it a light going over with some Tamiya weathering powders.

No shots from the right hand side, I really messed up the decals on that side and some stowage will be applied at a later date to try and mask the mess that I made!


  1. Nice looking little Panzer, Scrivs. Did you use an airbrush for the base coat?

    1. Cheers Dean, apart from a base-coat of Rustoleum grey primer it's all brush work. I had a bad airbrush experience about 20 years ago, I know all the cool kids are using them these days though ;)

    2. Lol! I'm definitely not a cool kid - thanks for the info - I'm planning on using a brush over a rattle can basecoat too.

  2. Nicely done Paul...
    I do like the somber and somewhat threatening look of the early war German tanks...

    All the best. Aly

  3. Great looking panzer II!
    Best Iain

  4. Great work, Scrivs - fine weathering with the Tamiya powders as well, Sir!

  5. Scrivs, that is a fantastic little tank! I'll be 'borrowing' your paint recipe when I get around to my German armour for Barbarossa ;o)