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Friday, 2 March 2012

Last few 8th Army for BlitzKreig Commander

I've just finished off the last nine 8th Army models I have for BlitzKreig Commander, all the models are by GHQ

Four Daimler Armoured Cars, Four CMP trucks and a Crusader I

Four CMP trucks

Four Daimler Armoured cars

Crusader I - extreme closeup

Daimler Armoured Car - extreme closeup

CMP 15cwt truck - extreme closeup

Checking the inventory, there are less than 20 Afrika Korps bases left to paint, these are already cleaned up, primed and have had a base-coat of brown pain. After these are done then the project is all complete, well that is until I buy a few more blisters, I'm sure I will not be able to resist.

It will be good to get a game in with them, it's been months since I got to play BlitzKreig Commander.