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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

For Sale: 1/3000 Battle of Matapan fleet set

I'm selling off my Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy and Regia Marina fleets suitable for fighting the Battle of Cape Matapan 27th to 29th March 1941

The fleets are as follows:

  • Royal Navy; three battleships, one aircraft carrier, four cruisers and sixteen destroyers
  • Regia Marina; one battleship, nine cruisers, eighteen destroyers

These represent every ship that you need to recreate the engagement. I usually play General Quarters III now, but these are suitable for use with any set of WWII naval rules.

All the ships are Navwar models and are painted by myself and are based on plywood which has been textures to represent the high seas with Polyfilla.The bottom of the bases are magnetised for easy storage and transportation. The name of the ship is written on the bottom of each base.

Regia Marina Fleet

Royal Navy Fleet

Royal Navy cruiser

Royal Navy battleship

Royal Navy destroyer

Regia Marina battleship

Regia Marina cruiser

Regia Marina cruiser

Regia Marina destroyer
For all 52 ships I'm looking for £90.00 including UK recorded postage, if overseas I will do postage via International Signed for at cost.

Make me an offer......

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