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Sunday, 19 February 2012

6th Hussars and casualty markers finished

We arrived back from Cornwall yesterday afternoon and I took the opportunity to put a mixture of Vallejo Pumice Gel and Vallejo US Field Drab onto the bases. This morning I woke up (bloody early as usual) and gave the bases a quick dry brush with Vallejo Dark Sand and stuck on some Woodland Scenics cork bark and some Woodland Scenics Field Grass and a sprinkle of Games Workshop Static Grass.

When the glue was dry I took them out to the garage and gave them a blast of Testors Dull-cote.

I've taken a few images:

Perry Miniatures plastic French casualties on Dial-Dude bases

Perry Miniatures plastic French casualties on Dial-Dude bases
Officer and Bugler from 3rd Company

5th Company

The 6th Hussars

6th Hussars

1st Company Elites
Hopefully my work schedule will allow me to get to Maelstrom Games one Tuesday Night in the near future so that I can unleash them.

The Limber is awaiting the delivery of a 60mm x 200mm base from Warbases, I'll get that finished and posted as soon as possible.

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