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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Age of Arthur Campaign Day - The Report

Today we fought out our Age of Arthur campaign at Maelstrom Games Each player picked a 1500pt list from an Age of Arthur list plus a 250 point bonus force as described in the Campaign Pack.

The players each started the campaign with nine territories, here is the campaign map at the start of the event.

Campaign map at the start of the event.
The factions were:
Pete – Dalriada – Green allied with Alex – Twilight of Brittania – Dark Blue
Tom – Early Saxon Kingdoms – Yellow allied with Mike – Early Saxon Kingdoms – Purple
Geriant – Twilight of Brittania – Red allied with Andy – Twilight of Brittania – White
Grahame – Franks – Blue allied with Steve – Franks – Blue.

Round One

The first round was to be a doubles match up with each player adding their bonus 250 point lists. The Franks would launch a seaborne invasion and attack the Scots and Romans defending the area around Hadrians Wall. The Romano-British Civitates would attack the Saxons in the heart of England.

Pete & Alex fought Grahame and Steve in the Mount Agned scenario/
Tom & Mike defend against Geriant and Andy in the Cat Coit Celidon scenario.

Saxons against Romano British in the woods of Cat Coit Celidon

Steve and Grahame the Frankish commanders. No photo of Pete and Alex this round, the one I took looks terrible.

Geriants cavalry attempt to outflank the Saxons

Tom fails a Warband test and launches the first charge of the game. Andy's skirmishers evade, and Toms Duguth contact Andys Milites.

Toms Gedricht get stuck in to Andys Comitatus, the combat eventually went Andys' way.

The Franks go at it Hammer and Tongs with the combined Dalraida and Twilight of Brittania force.
During the first round four Arthurian artefacts were distributed on the tables. If a unit fled then the artefact was lost. At the end of the round, Andy had picked up Rhongomyniad (Arthur's spear) and Mike had gotten the Holy Grail. The Romano-British Civitates scored a Close Run victory in the woods of Cat Coit Celidon.

The Franks scored a Mighty Victory at the Battle of Mount Agned routing the combined Dalraida and Twilight of Brittania forces from the field. Pete picked up Arthurs Shield and Steve gained The Sword in the Stone.

The Franks had each gained two territories at the expense of the Twilight of Britannia / Dalriada forces and the Anglo-Saxons ceded a territory each to the Romano-British Civitates.

At the end of Round One the campaign map looked like this:

The map at the end of the first campaign turn
Despite some hefty losses all the alliances remained intact. After a spiffing Maelstrom Games lunch-time feast and taking the opportunity to stock off in the 25% spring clearance sale we were on to Round Two.

Round Two

Round two would be a single player game and the bonus forces would not be in play. The Franks attack the Saxons and the Romano-British Civitates attack the Dariada / Twilight of Britannia forces.

Grahame played Tom in the The Great Battle scenario
Mike played Steve in the Foraging for Supplies scenario. After a random dice roll, another Arthurian artefact was placed on this table.
Andy played Alex at the Battle on the River Glien scenario.
Pete played Geriant at the Battle in the Pass  scenario.

Geriant attempts to out manoeuvre Petes Dalraida in the pass  
Geriant and Pete

Andy and Alex

Steve and Mike

Steves Franks and Mikes Saxons

Grahames Franks and Toms Saxons

Grahame scored a Mighty victory against Tom taking two of his territories.

Things continued well for the Franks, Steve also won a mighty victory against Mike, taking Mikes Holy Grail and also securing Excalibur to add to The Sword in the Stone he gained in round one.

The Battle on the River Glein was a Bloody Stand-off with neither player able to make a breakthrough.

Finally, Pete scored a Mighty Victory against Geriant at the  Battle in the Pass, Pete was able to capture two of Geriants territories.

Here is how the map looked at the end of round three:

Steve is leading in the Arthurian legend stakes with three artefacts, Pete and Andy have on eeach.

Round 3

The final round will be another round of singles games, with each player able to field their 250 point bonus force. The victorious Franks go to finish off the Romano-British Civitates and the Saxons and the Dariada / Twilight of Britannia alliance fight over the scraps - or Hull as it is otherwise known..

Grahame will play Geriant in the Foraging for Supplies scenario.
Mike attacks Alex in the Cat Coit Celedio scenario.
Andy and Steve fight the Battle in the Pass.
Pete and Tom play the Battle of the River Glein scenario.

Mike attempts to break through at Cat Coit Celion despite all his Duguth units being reduced to T2

Geriant, Grahame, Alex, Mike

And from the other angle

Geriant and Grahame fight over the herds.

Alex and Tom fight over the bridge

Not a good photo, but Petes' Welsh allies, lovely figures kit bashed from a wide variety of sources.

It's down to the Romano-British Civitates, can the Franks be stopped?
The first result in is from Grahames' game against Geriant in the Foraging for Supplies scenario. Grahame won a Close Run Victory, but due to casualties inflicted on Geriant this becomes a Mighty Victory.

Next result in is the one between Mike and Alex in Cat Coit Celedion. Again, Mike won a Close Run Victories, but the casualties inflicted by Alex make this into a Bloody Stand Off result.

Tom secures his first victory of the event and wins a Close Run Victory against Pete at the Battle of the River Glein. Tom also wrests Arthurs' shield from Pete.

Last up is the crunch game played out in the pass. The Franks of Grahame already have another victory this round, can they secure a clean sweep against the other factions?
It is not to be, Andy won a Close Run Victory against Steve and takes the Sword in the Stone from Steve.

This means that Tom has a single Arthurian artefact and Andy and Steve are tied on two artefacts each. We decide that this should be settled in single combat.

The two generals are lined up against each other.

Romano-Britain and Frank duke it out
The generals fought a single combat and after eight rounds of combat with each round fought simultaneously and died in the same round of combat. Neither would be declared the true legend of Arthur and like the current legend it would be made up of the events of several different individuals.

Here is the campaign map after the third round:

The final result


Steve and Andy are tied as the legend of Arthur with two artefacts each.

Grahame the Frank is the victor of Brittania, holding 14 territories.

The factions are ranked as follows

Steve and Grahame - Franks – 26 Territories

Geriant and Andy – Romano-British Civitates – 17 Territories

Pete - Dalraida and Alex – Twilight of Brittania – 14 Territories

Mike and Tom - Early Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms – 13 Territories