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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

WAB Double Header

I had a PM from Jon on the Warhammer Forum to let me know that he would be at a loose end in the area on Saturday and would I like a game of Warhammer Ancient Battles or two, of course I would, he said he would bring down his Carthaginians and picked a list from the excellent Hannibal and the Punic Wars supplement.

I spent a couple of hours tidying the garage so we could play and then picked a suitable Republican Roman force to oppose them.

Things were going really well for me until I decided to charge two units of Italian Spearmen into a unit of his Spanish on my right flank. After a 'handbags' combat by both sides John had won the combat by one. So Ld9 down to 8 with a re-roll for the ASB, one of my two units fled, the general fled, the ASB fled, the other unit in combat fled, nearly every unit within 12" fled. In my next turn, even with manipular re-rolls all but two of my units were fleeing. I never recovered my battle line and the game was just a matter of Jon mopping up against me.

Carthaginians deploy 
Romans deploy 
Carthaginians advance 
Romans start running away 
And it's all over 
As the first game was over so quickly we put up another game, this time, being a sucker for punishment, I would use my Gauls, after all it could not be worse than the previous game.

What a turn up for the books, in the Gallic charge I manage to win two combats, one against Spanish Scutarii and one against African Spearmen - I know unheard of - and automatically break them, pursuing into Hannibal and beating him up. Jons African Veterans do sterling service but it's game on to the Gauls!

Gallic Cavalry 
Spanish Cavalry see some naked arse
Following on from Hot Lead at Gripping Beast the week before that is games of WAB in six days, I've not had that many games in the rest of this year!