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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Saga - Sacred Ground Battle Report

Tom and I had a cracking game of Saga on Tuesday at Maelstrom Games.

We randomised the scenario and would be playing the 'Sacred Ground' mission. A hill was placed in the center, Tom placed a wood to the right and I placed some broken ground to the left.

The sacred ground
My Spanish did double duty as Normans and I used:
Mounted Warlord, Three Knights organised into 2 units of 6, One unit of 8 Mounted Sergeants, One unit of 8 Sergeants, One unit of 8 Sergeants with Crossbows

Tom used his Anglo-Danish:
Warlord with Dane-axe, one unit of 4 Huscarles with Dane-axe, two units of 4 Huscarles and three units of 8 Ceorls.

The game started well for the Normans, I established a bastion atop the hill and was driving back any Anglo-Danish troops that ventured near, at one point I was stacking up 36 victory points per turn.Tom eventually secured the rough ground and we both had a unit of Warriors in the woods.

Normans rush to take the hill
Hesitant Saxon dogs
Any Saxons coming near the hill were soon driven back
Die you Saxon dogs
Things were looking good for the Normans who had a comfortable lead, however, the Anglo-Danish Warlord led charge with his Dane-axe armed warriors onto the hill. Although the attack was broken up and the Anglo-Danish Warlord was put to the sword my numbers on the hill were thinned considerably and I was suddenly scoring less points than Tom per turn.

The Saxon Lord goes down
My Sergeants were driven from the woods in disarray so a unit of Knights intervened only to be driven off by a stout shield-wall.

More Saxon Scum
By the end of the game Tom was scoring more points per turn than me and in the end Tom won by 152pts to 144pts.

Tom has also done a report from the Anglo-Danish perspective: but of course it is all Saxon propaganda so should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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