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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Saga - Normans and Anglo-Danish

John and I played a cracking game of Saga at Maelstrom Games yesterday evening. It was the Mansfield Wargames Club AGM first so a 6pt game of Saga fits nicely with an 8 o'clock start.

John took Normans and used:

  • Warlord
  • 3 units of 4 Knights
  • 2 units of 8 Sergeants
  • 1 unit of 8 Sergeants with crossbows

Norman deployment

I took Anglo-Danish (using my early Saxon models) and took:

  • Warlord
  • 2 units of 6 Huscarls
  • 2 units of 8 Frydd
  • 1 unit of 12 Ceorls

Anglo Danish deployment
Things started well for the Anglo-Danish, typically the use of Intimidation slowed down the Normans and tried to prevent them coordinating their Knights, but things went wrong when I piled my Warlord and a unit of Huscarls into his Sergeants with crossbow, I killed 7 leaving a single figure, eager to finish them off I made another move, big mistake, my Warlord was out alone on his own and inevitably fell the next turn.

By the end of the game, John was still on six Saga dice and I was reduced to a single unit of Frydd, whoops.

Things start well for the Anglo-Danish, as Intimidation kicks in

The Anglo-Danish line advances

This area contained my Warlord, 6 Huscarles ad 8 Frydd, look at the state of it now!
A great game with John and I hope we will get another game or two of Saga in next week.

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