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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Probyn's Horse Sherman V

This morning I finished off painting the Sherman V from BlitzKreig Miniatures as it will be supporting my 14th Army Infantry I have painted it in the markings of Probyn's Horse

The earlier post can be found here.

The vehicle was really easy to paint, I did the following:

1/ Spray with Halfords grey Primer
2/ Base-coat all over in a mix of 50:50 Vallejo Brown Violet and Vallejo Khaki
3/ Paint the tracks in a mix of 50:50 Vallejo Saddle Brown and Vallejo Gunmetal Grey
4/ Paint the road wheels in Vallejo Black
5/ Paint the tools, machine guns, aerial, etc. in Vallejo Black, Vallejo Saddle Brown or Vallejo Gunmetal Grey as appropriate.
6/ Wash all over with Vallejo Sepia wash
7/ Highlight the tank again with a mix of 50:50 Vallejo Brown Violet and Vallejo Khaki
8/ Paint on the tactical markings, divisional symbols etc.
9/ Weather using Tamiya weathering powders.

Here are a few shots of the beast, including an Assault Group 14th Army rifle section to give an idea of scale.

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