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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bolt Action intro for Mick

Micks buildings - Sarissa Precision 
On Wednesday I gave Mick his first game of Bolt Action. Mick used his German Grenadiers and I used my 14th Army British both at about 600pts.

Micks list was all veterans:
2nd Lieutenant with 2 men, one squad of 10 Infantry with 2 SMG, 2 Assault Rifles, 1 LMG, 1 PanzerFaust and 5 Rifles, one squad of 10  Infantry with 2 SMG, 3 Assault Rifles, 1 LMG, 1 PanzerFaust and 4 Rifles, one MG-42  and one 8cm Mortar with spotter.

I used a regular list of:
2nd Lieutenant with 2 men, Forward Observer with 1 man, three sections each of 1 SMG, 1 LMG and 8 Rifles, Light Mortar, Vickers MMG and Recce Carrier.

Germans advance into the buildings
We laid out a selection of terrain, mainly a village with a t-junction, a lot of fields and some woodland and rolled up the Demolition mission, I placed my objective, Mick placed his and then we deployed half of our forces each and had at it.

British secure their side of the village
We were soon ensconced in the respective halves of our villages and a fierce cross-street fire-fight was taking place although I soon lost a section but the German squad facing them was soon racking up the pin markers. One of my sections came on from a flanking maneuver and took out the MG-42 and was soon rapidly advancing on to the German 'base'.

Committing some reserves I was winning the firefight in the village, but Mick threw a super rally roll on his squad with 6 pins and was soon back in the fight. On turn six my flanking squad was very close to the German base and only had a single pin, but against the odds the first two dice out of the bag were German, another two pins on my unit, and they fluffed their move onto the objective - a Draw!

Mick certainly enjoyed the game and is keen to have another go. Maybe it's time for a small Bolt Action campaign or league at the club.

Another shot of the village

German HQ

Vickers MMG adds support

German infantry emerge from the woods to take on the British in the fields