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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Saturday 18 May 2013

Re-painted and tittivated the Berber bases

The re-based Berbers

First unit of Spear and Bow
I've speed painted a handful of units of Berbers for our El Cid games these past few months and had done the bases on them much like those on my Christian Spanish. During the large Siege of Valencia game we put on at Retford, it was again clear that they were nowhere near like those of my regular gaming opponents, James and Tom, so I decided that I would re-base mine to be more of a match.

The original bases are initially over-painted with Daler-Rowney Yellow Ocher and when that is dry are given a light dry-brush of Yellow-Ocher and Vallejo Ivory and then a dry-brush of Ivory. Then, once that is dried small pieces of cork bark, Woodland Scenics clump foliage, and Mini-natur tufts are stuck on. The cork bark is dry-brushed with Ivory and then small patches of Games Workshop static-grass are added. 

Second unit of Spear and Bow
Third unit of Spear and Bow
I did like the look of the old bases, but I'm happy how these are turned out and they'll look much more in-keeping with my regular opponents figures now.

I have now made a start on doing the Christian Spanish bases the same, although that will be a much bigger proposition as there is at least four times this amount.

Berber Cavalry


  1. Nice work rebasing these fine looking Berbers, Paul. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean, I think I made the correct decision.

  3. I love that blue colour-scheme - very bold and striking.

  4. Much better bases, good call

  5. Thanks chaps.

    I did the Spanish in predominantly Red / Yellow so I thought doing the Moors in Blue / White would be a good contrast.

    I've re-based all the Spanish now too, so expect a few photos over the next few days.