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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bunkers for the Japanese

During our try-out games for Partizan, it became clear that the Japanese were being shot to pieces, this is compounded some what by our regular Japanese player, James, who plays every game as if he were a Viking Warlord and must charge the enemy at the earliest opportunity and engage with cold steel.

I decided it was time to have something for the Japanese to build a defensive line on, so I have put together a couple of bunkers for the machine guns and a few lengths of revetments for the riflemen to shelter behind. It will make them much less likely to get shot to pieces and if he has a trench line to defend, James may not rush off to engage the British on turn one with the bayonets.

The construction of the bunkers is a foam-core base with the bunker made from blue high density polystyrene, with the roof made of more foam-core. The timbers are made from coffee-stirrers. The whole lot was coated with Vallejo Pumice Gel and then a mix of coarse sand was applied to the base and the roof. The whole lot was painted in Vallejo US Field Drab, dry-brushed with Vallejo Dark Sand and washed with Vallejo Sepia Wash (I was quite near the end of the jar so these have come out quite dark). I stuck a few twigs on and they were finished off with Woodland Scenics clump foliage and Mini-natur tufts.

Two bunkers
Rear view of bunker

Manned with Type 92 MMG
The revetments are made in a similar way, I stuck blue foam to tongue-depressors and then backed with coffee-stirrer planking. The uprights are bamboo skewers. They were painted and finished off like the bunkers.

A few revetments

Rear view of a long section

Rear view of a short section
Afraid there was not a lot of light this morning when I took these, so the pictures are a little dark.

As for the rules, there is nothing in Bolt Action for trenches and bunkers, so I think I'll count the bunkers as if they were an house, so +2 to hit for concealment and only damage on a 6+ and the revetments as a +1 to hit for concealment and only damage on a 6+.