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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Burma Bolt Action with Lee

Tonight I gave Lee his first game of Bolt Action using my British and Japanese for the Burma Campaign. We both used pretty much identical forces of:

  • One 2nd Lieutenant with one man
  • One Light Mortar
  • One Medium Machine Gun
  • Three sections of ten men with a SMG and a LMG

The British had an Artillery Forward Observer and the  Japanese had a Medic.

We threw and would be playing the Envelopment mission with Lee using the British and being the attacker. Things did not go well for the British from the start when Lee rolled his preliminary bombardment and threw a one.

Things did get better though, the Artillery Forward Observer landed his barrage between two Japanese squads and threw a six for one of them, thew were soon reduced below half strength and were removed due to a failed moral check.

I had to commit a reserve squad to fill the gap. Lee was making a feint thrust on his right, but concentrating on the left so that I could not move to strengthen that area, and having lost a whole squad early doors to the artillery barrage was spread quite thin.

Eventually, I had killed the light mortar and the section on Lees left, but the attack on his right went very well, sweeping away all my troops on that side. We rolled and there would be a crucial seventh turn, allowing Lee to move one section off and move two more into my deployment zone.

A dismal performance for the Japanese, I had scored only four points to Lees thirteen!