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Copyright © 2018, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Monday, 6 May 2013

Cracking on with the Burma Project

So this weekend has been a Bank Holiday weekend. We went to visit the first-born in Hereford yesterday so that curtailed the painting yesterday - although I did sit in a pub beer garden with the  first-borns boyfriend and assemble some Perry Desert Rats. But, on Friday and Saturday I had a good days painting and managed to complete four Assault Group Japanese, four Artizan Sikhs, a Die Waffenkammer Universal Carrier and a die-cast truck.

I have painted the Universal Carrier with (what I hope) are the correct markings of the Carrier Platoon of the 9th Battalion Border Regiment - 63rd Indian Infantry Brigade.

I also did a die cast truck that I picked up on eBay in a set of muted brown tones, with the hope of using this for either Japanese or British or even our nascent Keren 1941 project.

I had a single blister of Assault Group Japanese primed grey and ready to paint so I finished these.

And finally on the painting front a blister of Artizan Sikhs primed and ready to paint.

In addition to these I also cleaned up and primed the following:

  • one blister of Assault Group Japanese anti-tank troops
  • one blister of Assault Group Type 92 MMG
  • seven blisters of Assault Group Gurkhas 

While photographing these a Sparrowhawk took a Thrush in our garden so I also got a couple of lovely shots of the carnage!