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Friday, 21 November 2014

X-Wing: Asteroid Run

Yesterday evening I met up with Greg and Ben at the club for some X-Wing action.

After my game with Martin on Tuesday I popped out one lunchtime to Dunelm and picked up a vinyl mat of my own, it seems a lot better to play on than my current felt mat.

Greg opted to play the rebels and spent his 100 points on:

  • X-Wing; Luke Skywalker, R2D2
  • X-wing; Rookie pilot
  • A-Wing; Green Sqdn pilot
  • Y-Wing; Horton Salm, R5D8

Ben and I picked 50pts each of Imperium. I picked:

  • Lambda Class; Omnicon Group pilot, DarthVader
  • Two Tie Fighters, Obsidian Sqdn pilot

Ben spent his 50pts on

  • Tie Bomber; Major Rhymer
  • Tie Interceptor; Feels Wrath

We randomised a mission and would be playing Asteroid Run. Ben elected to have the Rookie Pilot to be his Disabled Ship, probably a mistake. Ben attacked from one end and myself from the other.

Ben was a bit of a Rookie Pilot himself, but it worked out ok in the end. Having lined both of his ships up for shots at our mission target and possible shots at Luke Skywalker, Ben elected to give Luke the beans!

After four shots at close range from the Tie Interceptor Luke had his shields stripped and one hull remaining. Three further shots from the Tie Bomber and Luke was out of the game!

"So this Skywalker, is he any good?", "Err, no!"
After this though, Ben had a few issues, including running the Tie Interceptor into an asteroid!

Things were now quite difficult for the Rebels, the Rookie pilot was soon in range of the Lambda Shuttle which packs quite a punch. The Other A-Wing and Y-Wing came into the game and soon despatched a Tie Fighter.

However, the end was near, rather than running for a board edge with the Rookie pilot, he turned towards combat and ended up in the sights of both the Lambda and the Tie Bomber - Kaboom!

As this game was over quite quickly we lined up another game with the big guys.

Hans Solo in the Millennium Falcon teamed up with Luke Skywalker in an X-Wing to take on Boba Fett in his Firespray paired with Captain Yorr flying a Lambda Shuttle containing Darth Vader.

Ben had Boba Fett while I had the Lambda Shuttle, With the slow shuttle my start was sluggish and Ben was too soon in action and quickly racking up the damage by the time that I arrived. Luke shot down the Firespray but was badly damaged by my Heavy Cannon fire.

Alone against both Luke and Han, Darth Vader made his decision, inflicting a Critical on the X-Wing also destroyed the Lambda!

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