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Copyright © 2011-2024, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Wednesday 12 November 2014

Mog embraces the Dark Side

When arranging our game for yesterday evening Martin and I decided that we wanted something quite low impact that did not take too much preparation.

Having not played it X-Wing Miniatures Game seemed to fit the bill, it's been ages since we made Pew...Pew...Pew noises.

Selecting sides Martin chose to be the Empire while I would be the Rebel Alliance. I've got quite a few ships I have not used previously so my force was based on using them.

I used a pretty vanilla force with now special rules apart from the Ion Turrets:

  • Y-Wing - Grey Squadron Pilot - Ion Turret: 23pts
  • Y-Wing - Grey Squadron Pilot - Ion Turret: 23pts
  • Hwk-290 - Rebel Operative: 16pts
  • A-Wing - Green Squadron Pilot: 19pts
  • A-Wing - Green Squadron Pilot: 19pts

Martin used an Imperial squadron comprising:
  • Tie Bomber - Major Rhymer: 26pts
  • Tie Bomber - Gamma Squadron Pilot: 18pts
  • Tie Fighter - Mauler Mithel: 17pts
  • Tie Fighter - Obsidian Squadron Pilot: 13pts
  • Tie Fighter - Obsidian Squadron Pilot: 13pts
  • Tie Fighter - Obsidian Squadron Pilot: 13pts
We would play the Dark Whispers mission.

Martin deployed L-R Gamma Squadron, Mauler Mithel, Obsidian Squadron then Major Rhymer. I deployed the satellite tokens in a wide U-shape and L-R Green Squadron, Grey Squadron, Rebel Operative.

The Imperial forces came on fast while my chaps held back on the throttle and tried to stifle the faster Tie Fighters. Soon though the Imperium had scanned three of the satellites. However, Mauler Mithel was nailed by combined fire of the Hwk-290 and a Y-Wing.

It's really easy for the Tie Fighters and Tie Bombers to get close to the satellite token and then use their Barrel-roll ability to drop onto it.

However, I did have a plan, the Empire has to scan every one of the tokens and escape with one ship that scanned a token.

The final token on my right was stubbornly defended, the HWK-290 and the two Y-Wing put up a great defence. The Ion cannon really came into their own; whenever a Tie looked like bagging the token it would be zapped and in the next turn could only do a '1' straight forwards and was easy to shoot up.

However, casualties soon mounted. One of the Y-Wing was pretty badly shot up and the pilot stunned and blinded and a Tie Fighter was poised to bag the token.

On the other flank a Tie Fighter was making a run for it being chased by the A-Wings

Just as the last token was about to be scanned I lost a Y-Wing and the HWK-290 prompting the arrival of two X-Wing flown by Rookie Pilots.

The Tie Fighter barrel rolled onto the token only to be blown away by concentrated fire from the two X-Wings, however as the Imperials had the initiative it was scanned first.

However on the other flank, the Tie Fighter tailed by an A-Wing was able to exit the table with the booty having suffered two points of damage.

A great close game that went to the wire.

Martin did the excellent graphic at the top of the page.

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