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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Board Games Day

Over the Christmas and New Year break it is traditional to have a days gaming session at the wargames club and this year was no exception.

Chum Matt was back from Japan where he now lives and works so Matt, Lee, James and myself arranges to have a board games session just like the old days.

First up Lee had bought Zombiecide, we set up the game and started to play, now the scenario we were playing has a suggested running time of 150 minutes, we had hardly played an hour when were had been over-run, unable to complete the scenario and just Matts' slippery character making an escape.

So, we lined up another game of Zombiecide and set off again. This time we each had two characters and combined with some great early finds our fire-power soon meant that we were able to easily deal with what the Zombies could throw at us so this game was also over in about an hour.

 After a lunch of fish and chips we then tried our third game of the day - Settlers of Catan. It's a great game if you have not played it. Matt, James, Lee and I competed for the island resources and in the end James was successful, just pipping Matt to it. Lee and I came a poor bottom, with so terrible strategies and poor luck shared between us.

Now it was on to a new game to us, Matt had bought an English version of the Japanese game: Machi Koro. Each player is the mayor of a small town trying to make it big. You build assets in the town and try to acquire some premium assets, a Railway Station, Shopping Mall, Radio Station and Theme Park. The first to build these four is the winner.

It's a great game, we played three times, Matt winning each one - fix I hear you say. Both Lee and I went straight home and purchased a copy.

While we were playing our board games, Quinton and Trevor had set up an excellent looking American Civil war game using a modified version of Black Powder. Quint, Trev, Steve, Greg, Tim and Ben were going at it all day, but I'm not sure who won.

That evening Matt and Lee joined Victoria and I for some supper and we had a great chat about our travels. Matt's now off back to Japan, but Victoria and I plan to visit Tokyo in 2016 so hopefully we will get to see him then.


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