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Sunday, 11 January 2015

For Sale: Warring States / Han Chinese

New Reduced Price £1250.00

You can contact me about these at smith(dt)paul18(a)sky(dt)com

I've decided that to make room for a new project my Warring States / Han Chinese army can go and do battle for a new general.

I painted the core of these back in 2011 for the Warhammer Ancient Battles Grand Tournament held in Stockport and have added extra figures and units since. They have been veterans of a good few battles of both Warhammer Ancients and Hail Caesar since then.

All the figures are magnetised as are the custom made movement trays that are also provided.

Every figure is from the Curteys Miniatures range.

Chariot mounted General

Two subordinate generals / army standard bearer

Musicians, a drum team any a symbol team

A scribe, or Sun Tzu himself if you prefer

Three heavy chariots, each with four horses and three crew

Twelve cavalry with swords and halberds

First unit of twenty-four spearmen

Second unit of twenty-four spearmen

Third unit of twenty-four spearmen

Fourth unit of twenty-four spearmen

Unit of twenty-four crossbowmen

Unit of twenty archers, these match the first spear unit so can be added to the rear ranks

Three units of twelve archers, these match the other three units of spearmen so can be added to the rear ranks.

Two units of twelve swordsmen.

Twenty-four Xiongnu Hu nomad horsemen

Large stone thrower with four crew

Twelve villagers

The entire force

Well, there you go, four heavy chariots, thirty-eight mounted troops, two-hundred and twenty two foot.

All this can be yours for £1250.00 plus postage at cost.

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