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Thursday, 29 January 2015

We Cannae take it!

Excuse the poor pun in the title!

On Tuesday evening Martin and I played our first game of To The Strongest for quite some time, the previous one being back in November.

Tim and Steve had also agreed to join in the fun.

I picked a Carthaginian force of:

General: Mounted, Detached, Senior
Veteran African Spearmen, three African Spearmen, Numidian Light Infantry with Javelins

General: Heroic
Three Gallic Warriors each with a Hero, two Gallic Cavalry each with a Hero

General: Mounted
Three Numidian Light Cavalry with Javelins, one Numidian Light Infantry with Javelins

I finished off with a Stratagem

Martin had a force of two Alae each of General, two Velites, Hastatii, two Principes and a Triarii. Another command comprised three Cavalry, one with a Hero, his final command was two Italian Spearmen, two Italian Javelinmen and a unit of Cretan archers.

The Romans won the scouting roll and were the active player, kicking off by pushing their lights forward to break up the Carthaginian lines.

Soon the Carthaginians had closed the gap, driving off the lights and engaging the maniples behind.

On the Carthaginian left, things went badly, the Numidian command being completely shot up by the Italian Javelinmen, although the Cretans seemed to attract an ace each time they were activated.

In the centre the Carthaginians were unable to make any headway against the superb armour of the Romans. Martin lost a single unit on a 6+ save (that is about a 50:50) out of we think about thirty hits inflicted. Whereas the African Spears and Gallic Warbands were soon collapsing. 

We soon burnt through our 11 Victory Medals, Martin had only expended two by the end of the game.