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Saturday, 16 September 2017

21 Squadron RAF - 14th July 1940

Instinctively Harry pressed the fire button, the 109 before him was engulfed in a fireball as the fuel caught fire and the Messerschmidt exploded. After suffering from many jams in the previous days sortie the armourer had really done his job overnight and the Brownings were operating like clockwork, Archie would be bought a pint tonight!

Thursday evening saw another chapter in the ongoing Battle of Britain campaign, this time 'B' Flight led by Pilot Officer Darren White intercepted a flight of three He111 inbound over the south Kent coast.

Drew and new pilot Seth took the part of the RAF while Bruce and son Sasha were the Luftwaffe. I had play tested this scenario before so forewarned the players that the escorting Messerschmidts would almost certainly turn up so not to get too carried away with a turkey shoot.

If the bombers could complete two lengths of the table they would have accomplished their mission, if not it would be a RAF victory.

The RAF were soon laying about the Heinkels, but heedful of my earlier warnings were ever cautious for the arrival of the Luftwaffe fighters. The He111 is a tough old bird and can take a lot of cumulative damage without being shot down, but it wasn't long before P.O. White had claimed his first kill of the day as his rounds walked up the port wing and entered the bomb bay where the munitions exploded in a fireball.

Our squadron hero Sgt. Pilot Harry McWalters soon claimed another Heinkel, with flames licking around the cockpit door four Hun exited the plane to parachute into the arms of the local home guard patrol while the stricken beast crashed in woodland just outside Lyminge.

Summoned by the frantic radio calls of the bombers a schwarm of four Me109 made their appearance over the battlefield and were soon swooping in to the fray. The Hurricanes forewent their attack on the final He111 and attempted to gain altitude. The first casualty was P.O. White, the schwarm-fuhrer on his tail unleashed a burst of 20mm cannon fire and the Hurricane exploded in a fireball. However, it was certainly Whites day, thrown clear of the explosion he safely parachuted, sustaining only light injuries as he crashed through a greenhouse roof on landing.

Sgt. Pilot Harry McWalters certainly had his dander up and was swiftly into the Messerschmidts, he seemed to be everywhere and his expedient use of the ammunition remaining after attacking the Heinkels will be used in pilot training for years to come.

He first got onto the tail of the schwarm-fuhrer and a short burst of fire saw the Messerschmidt almost cut in half with a catastrophic structural failure, sweeping back in for the kill another Messerschmidt exploded in a massive fireball. With a run of cards and fantastic shooting rolls that will become legend another Messserschmidt was dispatched as the pilot slumped in his seat and the final one exploded scattering debris over the Kent countryside as McWalters emptied his final rounds into it.

McWalters had accounted for all four of the Bosche fighters in short order. Drews firing rolls were truly magnificent and for several rounds of shooting he expended non noticeable quantities of ammunition at all. He'll certainly be getting another bar added to that DFC!

After bailing out the previous day, Charles Morris had another run of bad luck, fire from one of the Messerschmidt had ruptured his fuel line and his plane caught fire on landing at Hendon and was a total write off, the burns suffered will keep him out of action for a good few days.

 As the fitters were putting out the fire 'A' Flight was scrambled to intercept a new raid inbound over the English Channel.

Squadron Roster Sheet

Basic Details
Aircraft (11)
Pilots (15)
Date: 13th July 1940 (Phase I)
Unit: 21 Squadron (11 Group)
Airfield: Hendon
Aircraft: Hurricane MK1
Aircraft under repair b/fwd

Pilots absent b/fwd
Back from workshop today

Pilots returning today

Serviceable aircraft b/fwd
Active pilots b/fwd
New aircraft received

Serviceable next sortie
Available for Sortie

Events scheduled for today
This Sortie

‘B’ Flight is vectored onto a trio of HE-111

“A” Flight
Red Section

Kills on t/off
Sortie Log
Red 1
F.O. Damien Townsend (Veteran)


Red 2
Sgt. Pilot James Phillips (Regular)


Red 3
Sgt. Pilot Kerry O’Malley (Veteran)


Yellow Section

Kills on t/off
Sortie Log
Yellow 1
F.O. Stephen Hines (Regular)


Yellow 2
Sgt. Pilot Mark Wilson (Regular)


Yellow 3
P.O. Adrian Jacobs (Regular)


“B” Flight
Blue Section

Kills on t/off
Sortie Log
Blue 1
P.O. Darren Wright (Regular)

Claim HE-111, Hurricane exploded, thrown clear, available 15th July.
Blue 2
Sgt. Pilot Peter Lewis (Regular)

Returns safely with minor damage.
Blue 3
Sgt. Pilot Charles Morris (Regular)

Crash landed, aircraft destroyed, out of action until 23rd July.
Green Section

Kills on t/off
Sortie Log
Green 1
Sgt. Pilot Harry McWalters DFC & bar (Top Ace)

Claim HE-111, four ME-109
Green 2
P.O. Terry Smith (Regular)

Returned safely
Green 3
P.O. Clement Bates (Sprog)

Returned safely

Pilots not assigned to flying duties this Sortie




Aircraft available pre sortie
Sgt. Pilot Archie Spencer (Sprog)


Aircraft lost this sortie
P.O. Francis Clinton (Sprog)


Aircraft damaged (to workshop)
Sqdn Ldr Terry Deakin (Veteran) Wounded back on 16th July


Other post sortie adjustments

F.0. Simon Barrington (Regular) KIA
Flt. Lt. Matthew Palmer (Veteran) KIA



Number of aircraft c/fwd next sortie

Other post sortie events


No of pilots pre sortie

Pilots killed this sortie

Pilots missing this sortie

Pilots new wounded/sick

Other post sortie adjustments

Active pilots c/fwd next sortie

Harry gets another bar to his DFC.
Another mission:
‘A’ flight scrambled to intercept an enemy raid of three Ju87 Stuka escorted by two schwarm of Me109.

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