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Sunday, 10 September 2017

21 Squadron RAF - 12th July 1940(2)

"Yellow 3 come in, over!"
"Yellow 3 come in, over!"
"Control, Yellow 3 here, over"
Adrian Jacobs had been so concentrating on his manoeuvres that he had missed his first call sign. He was flying over the Essex countryside logging more air time after joining 21 Squadron only a few days ago from his training cadre.
"Blue 3, we have an inbound bogey at 16000ft two miles south east of Stanford-le-Hope, please take a look"
"Control, Blue 3 roger that, over"
Turning southwards Jacobs pulled back the stick and climbed up to 18000ft, coming out of the light cloud in front of him was a Do17, Jacobs moved in to engage. The dorsal gunner on the Dornier unleashed a steady stream of rounds at him, settling his nerve Jacobs pressed the firing button and bullets tore into the Hun. The first rounds struck directly into the dorsal canopy and Jacobs was gratified to see the MG-15 dip as if the Nazi holding it no longer had control, the Dornier stopped firing back.
More 303 tore into the Do17, rounds could be seen tearing into the port wing and walking towards the engine which was struck, spilling coolant out into the air. 
The Dornier went into a steep dive trying to shake the Hurricane, but unworried by the efforts from the dorsal gunner Jacobs easily stayed on his tail. 
Pressing hard on the fire button, until all his ammo was used up Jacobs was gratified to see the Dornier break up, two chutes were seen.

The second game of our Bag the Hun campaign saw a lone Hurricane, randomised to be Yellow 3 flown by Sprog Adrian Jacobs vectored on to a single reconnaissance plane.
The Hurricane was soon onto the tail of the Dornier and it was with great fortitude that the first shots from the Hurricane hit the cockpit killing the only gunner covering that arc.
Further shots damaged the port wing and engine before the final rounds caused Catastrophic Structural Damage and the Dornier broke up in mid-air.
With his first kill under his belt, Jacobs is no longer rated as Sprog.

The post operation events saw the day finish with no further action of items of note.

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