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Sunday, 17 September 2017

American Civil War: Union (2)

This week I finished off the stragglers from the Perry Miniature box that did not make last weeks blog post. These had been blocked in and washed ready for the highlights but sat all week on the painting table and I only did them yesterday. I blame The Walking Dead series seven hitting Netflix this week:)

A few folks have asked what the palette I used was. So, for the majority of the colours; after assembly the figures were primed with Krylon grey primer and then the base colours blocked in:

  • Kepi and sack coat: Dark Prussian Blue
  • Trousers and some water-bottle covers: Medium Blue
  • Musket stocks: Saddle Brown
  • Some water-bottle covers, some knapsacks, some hair, some blanket rolls: Beige Brown
  • Some water-bottle covers, some knapsacks, some blanket rolls: Neutral Grey
  • Boots, belts, straps, slings, some hair, some knapsacks, some blanket rolls: Black
  • Flesh: Medium Fleshtone

The figures where then washed in Sepia Wash and once that was dry the highlights applied:

  • Dark Prussian Blue: re-coated with Dark Prussian Blue and then a couple of highlights adding successively more Intense Blue, final glaze of Intense Blue
  • Medium Blue: re-coated with Medium Blue, highlighted by adding Sky Blue
  • Saddle Brown: re-coated with Saddle Brown then highlighted by adding a touch of Dark Sand
  • Beige Brown: re-coated with Beige Brown then highlighted by adding a touch of Dark Sand
  • Neutral Grey: re-coated with Neutral Grey then highlighted by adding a touch of Light Grey
  • Black: re-coated with Black then highlighted with Black Grey
  • Medium Fleshtone: re-coated with Medium Fleshtone and then highlighted by adding a touch of Ivory.

The bayonets were painted Gunmetal Grey as were the musket fittings and water-bottle caps. The buttons, belt buckles, kepi fixings, cartridge box plates, etc. were painted Bronze. Note all colours are from the Vallejo Model Colour range.

Once all was dried the detail was brown-lined using Windsor and Newton Peat Brown inks. After the bases were complete a matt varnish was applied, although as you can see from the pictures it's come out much more satin than I hoped!

I've got another box and a load more Renedra bases on order from Arcane Scenery in the UK and hope to receive them shortly so I can start sticking them together.

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