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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

A sale of miscellany

While clearing out the garage - a not inconsiderable task - I came across a box of old bits and bobs, some have been binned, some have been reintegrated into the lead mountain and some I have decided to sell.

We have quite a few things from projects either never started, never completed or painted long ago and sold in the past.

20 Games Workshop Dwarf Hammerers - these have been in the acetone and just need priming and repainting, no shields or bases, as seen in the photo. £30.00

Epic 40K Tyranid collection - a Heirophant plus several bases of plastics, I found a couple more bases after this photo was taken. £10.00 - SOLD

Warmaster Empire, Pistoleers and Handgunners, another pair of Handgunners was found after the photos were taken.  £6.00 - SOLD

Games Workshop Bolt-thrower, primed black £5.00

SHQ miniatures BP46 - two paratroopers pushing trolley £1.50

Some 15mm Essex Miniatures Javelinmen £1.50

28mm Medieval cannon - £1.50 - SOLD

Pendragon (I think) Medieval £5.00

The back of the garage is really the gift that keeps on giving, I found another box of bits today

Old style Warhammer Dragon, needs a bit of TLC £15.00

Ruins on a hill, by 'The Scene' I think £10.00

White Lion and Standard Bearer £2.00

Humbrol Modellers Airbrush - only used a couple of times - £5.00

Some Games Workshop mounted warlord, broken lance - £1.50

Old Skool Doom-Diver - £1.50

Pink Horrors command, still in (rather tatty) blister - £5.00

Three 28mm Gladiators - £1.50

Eleven 6th Ed Orc Arrer Boyz - £8.00

43 Britannia Miniatures WWII Germans £15.00

Plastic kits, two SdKfz251/1, Wespe, SdKfz222, four PaK £12.00

All via PayPal Friends and Family with postage at cost.

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