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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Square Bashing in Burton

On Thursday evening James and myself travelled to the Burton and District Wargames club to meet up with Simon and Peter for another crack at Square Bashing.

We stopped off on the way for a carvery at The Cherry Tree then on to the venue to meet up with Simon and Peter.

Last time Peter and I were the British while Simon and James took the Germans. This time Peter and James took the French while Simon and I were Germans. We based our force and strategy on being the attacker, unfortunately, this was not the case. Some splendid rolls from the French saw all their conscripts replaced by Senegalese regulars and they would be on the attack supported by their massed batteries of Soixante Quinze.

Some poor reduction rolls saw the Germans thinly spread out along the outskirts of a large town. Our left flank was open and two units of Uhlans held the right.

On came the glory of France, rapidly crossing the woodland and broken ground as if it was not there.

A desperate charge by our Uhlans into the oncoming mass was swiftly brushed aide and all looked lost. However, despite a friendly fire incident by our own artillery assisting in the the right flank of our town falling to the Zouaves and Senegalese the centre of our line held up well and a last minute barrage of fire falling among the Frenchmen caused them to fall back in disorder.

Holding on against the strong attacks on our right the clock ran down and it was a slight victory to the Germans by the slimmest of margins.

All the French are by Peter while the Germans are by Simon. The terrain is also all from Simons' collection.

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