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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tuesday evening X-Wing

With myself as the Rebels and Greg and Ben playing the Empire it was my first game of X-Wing for many a month yesterday.

We decided on a 100pts per side each  and the Empire forces were:

  • Tie Advanced - Darth Vader with Cluster Missles 
  • Tie Bomber - Major Rhymer with Siesmic Charges
  • Tie Interceptor - Red Guard pilot
  • Tie Fighter - Academy Pilot

My Rebels fielded:

  • X-Wing - Garven Dries with R2 Astromech
  • X-Wing = Red Squadron Pilot with R5-K6
  • X-Wing = Red Squadron Pilot with R5 Astromech
  • X-Wing = Red Squadron Pilot with R2 Astromech

The first game we played was the Asteroid Run determined by a random die roll.
One of the Red Squadron X-Wings would be the target while the others protected one flank. The Tie Advance  approached from the rear while the remainder of the Empire approached from the other side.

It was an early calamity as Darth Vader polished off a X-Wing in the first couple of turns and my other two undamaged ones fought hard to fend the remainder off.
Soon the Rebels were scattered and all but the Tie Fighter were able to concentrate fire on the target, however, some brisk maneuvering, some very lucky defense dice and proximity to the table edge on turn five meant that my lucky Red Squadron pilot escaped for a RRebel victory.

There was still loads of time left so we set up this time and rolled the dice for the mission again, this time it would be Dark Whispers.

The Rebels played cautiously to start with and soon had destroyed the Tie Fighter after it had picked up the first satellite marker. Darth Vader bagged another marker quite quickly and despite a lot of incoming fire only had a single shield removed.
The Tie Interceptor made a terrible error in the manouver phase and left the play area, leaving only the Tie Bomber and Darth Vader himself.
The Tie Bomber bagged one satellite and Darth grabbed another. With his more powerful engines Darth accelerated away from the Rebels gaining a little more ground each time with his barrel rolls and was soon out of range and off the table.
An Empire victory this time.

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