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Friday, 3 July 2015

The Battle of Newmarket

On Tuesday evening Martin and I played the Battle of Newmarket Fire and Fury scenario.

We randomised and Martin took the Union troops while I had the Confederates. Martin began the slow process of extracating his front line back to the north of  Bushong Farm while I maintained the momentum of the attack.

Due to some poor manouver rolls Martin had both the 123 Ohio and the 1st W. Virg. caught and severely depleted along with Ewing's Battery. However it did not all go my way, my battery overlooking the valley was damaged and driven off by Taylors cavalry.

Likewise my manouver rolls were shocking when trying to move my artillery. My infantry pushed on towards the new Union line formed north of  Bushong Farm but I only had a single battery of guns in support so suffered badly to the Union fire.

The Virginia Military Institute Cadets marched in good order right to the new Union position and were duly destroyed by a fusillade of fire.

On the final Confederate turn at 15:00 I managed to launch a charge at the western end of the line that swept away the Union defenders and the breakthrough allowed three units to move north of the farm giving a very minor Confederate victory.

Some truly terrible photos taken before the phone battery finally expired.

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