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Sunday, 12 August 2018

First foray into Maximillian 1934

Everybody rounds marker #2 with Flamberry in the rear

Thursday evening saw the Madison Tea and Crumpets wargames club convene at Drew's for our first game of Maximillian 1934.

I've had two good painting sessions so far here and here so had four cars ready for the game, Drew also had his own Eureka Roadster ready so there was plenty to go around.

Rouge Three

I took 'Flamberry' a Jalopy with twin fixed MGs, extra armour (1pt each F&R), armoured engine and robust steering. I upgraded the driver to be both driving and gunnery '3'.

Drew used 'Red Bess' another Jalopy with a pintle MG, extra armour (1pt each F&R, L&R) and armoured engine, he also upgraded the driver to be both driving and gunnery '3'.

Bruce chose 'Rouge Three' a Bugy with twin fixed MGs and an armoured engine, his driver was upgraded to be driving '4' and gunnery '3'.

Red Bess and Flamberry both try to go around the same marker in opposite directions, a fortuitous skid meant we avoided a collision
We decided on the Death Race scenario and placed the four markers in order anti-clockwise around the table, we could have mixed them up a bit, but wanted to keep it simple for our first game.

Setting up the start and finish line we were soon pedal to the metal and off, everybody using different tactics, myself, I chose a different driving line to Drew and Bruce. Bruces main tactic seemed to be flooring it to speed three or four and then flukeing the turning tests until one memorable corner saw him rolling through a full 360 degrees!

I got a lucky shot on Drew's driver which saw his skills reduces to 1 each, the consequence of which saw him leave the arena twice.

Taking advantage of the chaos I rounded the last marker and dashed for the finish line.

Both Drew and Bruce 'Fanged It' in pursuit and were closing in on me fast, guns 'a blazing'. Bruces Vickers ripped through my rear armour, thankfully missing the driver and caused four hits on my engine, bugger immobilised!

Reading the rules you lose one point speed per turn if this happens, as I had started at speed 3 Flamberry coasted over the line for a victory.

Eat my dirt losers!!!!!!!

Flamberry about to cross the finish line

Rouge Three and Red Bess try to cut Flamberry down

In a cloud of steam and engine oil, Flamberry coasts over the line

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