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Sunday, 12 August 2018

To The Strongest at Danecon

A couple of weeks ago I attended the local DaneCon convention organised by fellow Madison Tea and Crumpets member Seth and his family.

I was only able to make the Sunday evening due to other commitments, but, after having to drop out last year promised Seth that I would run an El Cid game using To The Strongest.

With the multi-based figures it's really easy to set the games up, probably taking longer to get the ammo counters and victory medals sorted out than to actually get the figures out.

Myself and Drew would play the Almohavids while John and Paul would play the Spanish, both sides had a smattering of Andalusian allies. Another Paul asked if he could play, I did not really have space, but he got a contingent of Berber horse on our left flank.

The game progressed well, but having not played for a couple of years I was a bit more rusty on the rules than I should have been, but we were soon into the thick of things and the game started to flow.

The first losses were taken by the Berbers, but soon the first demoralised command was a large contingent of Christian knights whose heroic general got a little too heroic and cost them enough victory medals to be demoralised.

The battle ebbed and flowed, the Christian horse pressed in the centre, while their heavier foot on their left held against all odds, but the numbers were starting to tell and the hordes of Berber spear pushed on and on.

Eventually the game came to a knife edge, both sides had only two Victory medals left and the Christians lost one, but replied, slaying a Berber general causing their morale to collapse. A close run thing indeed.

There was a very good tabletop sale arranged where I managed to pick up a copy of WAB 1.5 and Fall of the West for $10.00. Two other games were played that night, a rather splendid looking Super Heroes game, most of the terrain is from the 'O' gauge model rail range stoked in a local DIY stor and looks jut the part.

There was also a big WWII microtank game being played, not sure of the rules they used in this one.

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