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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Hundred Years War: French (18)

Here is the result of 36 Knights in 14 days!

Following on from the last blog post, when the first twelve Agincourt men at arms were completed I set to it this week and completed the remainder of the box.

The Perry Miniatures Agincourt Foot Knights are a delight to assemble and paint - apart from that one pole-arm on the English Knights sprue that snaps in half two times out of three.

My usual method of base-coat, wash and two or three highlights does come out rather well on these.

The recipe for the blackened armour is a base-coat of 50:50 Black and Gunmetal Grey, washed with AP Strong Tone and then the base-coat is re-applied then a couple of glazed highlights of the same with more Silver added to each layer.

The figures are individually mounted on Renedra 20mm rounds and then the movement trays/sabots are a custom order from Warbases, six cut-outs in a 80mm x 60mm tray.

This weekend I started on some command figures for the game and am already well progressed with the English command set so should all be ready for the game at Danecon in a couple of weeks

As usual, shots of the individuals: