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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Napoleons 6th Hussars

It's half-term weekend and I'm currently on holiday with Victoria. We are staying a lovely little barn conversion called The Swallows which is about 1 mile west of St Merryn.

It's not all trips out and walks down the coastal paths. I've also bought with me some Perry Miniatures Napoleonics to paint. The plan this week is to paint a Regiment of Hussars, a limbered artillery piece and if I can also get them done some more casualty markers for Black Powder.

First to be completed is the 6th Hussars, I still need to do that bases and add a coat of matt varnish when I get home, but here is the work so far.

Next up should be the limbered artillery piece, those are all base-coated and have had a sepia wash so should be ready by tomorrow or Thursday.