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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Saga Playtest Game

I was visiting one of our business partners in Hayes on Tuesday and had travelled down on Monday afternoon, so on Monday evening I took the opportunity of getting in a game with Wayne.

Wayne is part of the play-test team for Saga so we played a 6-pt game using one of the new factions. We would be playing the 'Sacred Ground' scenario.

I would be using my recently painted El Cid Christian Spanish with the Norman battle-board. I took:

3 units of 4 Knights
1 unit of 8 mounted Sergeants
1 unit of 8 Sergeants
1 unit of 8 Sergeants with crossbow

Wayne used:
Hero of the Viking Age
3 units of Warriors
2 units of Levies

I'd not played the Sacred Ground scenario before and it's rather an interesting one. We both came to the conclusion that the scenario favours using your dice for activation rather than abilities and favours a hit and run style of play where you try to push the opponent back from the sacred ground and then retire into it yourself.

Wayne deploys his troops

We both had some terrible dice, in my first three turns I threw 17 shields and one flag, re-rolling the flag I threw another two shields.

Well, that's average