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Sunday, 28 July 2013

More Moors

Over the past two or three weeks I've been steadily beavering through another unit of Berber Spear and Bow for my El Cid Almohavids. and today I managed to finish off the bases. At the same time I also painted up a Imam to give my troops religious guidance and inspiration. As usual, I have stuck with the restricted pallet and concentrated on White and Blue, with a small amount of Gold and Black.

This now takes me up to five units of 21 Berber Spearmen plus 7 Berber Archers, one unit of nine Berber Cavalry, plus four Characters.

The aim was to get these painted in time to field a 3500pt Warhammer Ancient Battles army at Colours in September, and I now have easily enough painted to field a Late Berber list with Spanish Allies (from my Christian Spanish).

All the figures are from the Gripping Beast Moorish range.

A few pictures of the Berber infantry:

 The Imam:

It's now getting to be quite a force:

My daughters boyfriend also took a few close ups with his 'posh'camera, they really show up the shonky 'speed painting' I did on these.