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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Al-fresco Berbers

Last weekend Victoria and I went 'glamping' at the Hideaway@Baxby staying in an EcoPod with a fire-pit is an excellent way to spend a weekend and many Berbers were painted in a camping chair by the fire-pit.

The remainder were completed this weekend, again many were painted al-fresco sitting in the sun in the garden.

I managed to finish off a unit of 28 Berbers with Spear and Bow and paint another 21 Spearmen to make my existing three units up to 28 figures each.

I quite like the vignette of a Spanish Knight having been caught by the spearmen making up a diorama in the corner of the unit.

I'm now up to four units of infantry made up of 21 spearmen and seven archers, plus a unit of nine cavalry, I cannot wait to get a game in with them.


  1. Great colour scheme - they look like they would stand out on the table. Nothing like natural light to paint in.

  2. They look awsome - and the vignette with the downed infidel, fantastic.

  3. Great looking units, the downed knight really adds to the look

  4. Thanks chaps, they were great fun and really easy to paint.
    The downed Knight is a Gripping Beast model.