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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

More Perry Miniatures Desert Rats

Latest additions
I've painted another ten of the Perry Miniatures Desert Rats as Indian troops from 4th Indian Division. They are painted in the same method as the previous lot that I did. I also did the bases for the Bren Gun and 2" Mortar teams started last time.

The formula used was as follows (all Vallejo Model Colour paints unless noted otherwise):
  • US Tan Earth/Dark Sand (50/50): Helmets without covers, radio equipment, 2" mortar
  • Stone Grey: Some shirts, some socks
  • Khaki: Some shirts, some socks, covered helmets, gaiters, rifle slings
  • Buff: Some shirts, some socks
  • Iraqi Sand: Shorts
  • Saddle Brown: Rifle stocks, helmet straps, bayonet handles, some boots
  • Black: Some boots, rifle fittings, bayonet fittings, soles,
  • Beige Brown: Flesh
  • Brass: Rifle butt plates
  • Gunmetal Grey: Bayonets
Once the figures were base-coated they were given a wash with Vallejo Sepia Wash
I then went on to apply the highlights:
Another caption
  • Dark Sand: Dark Sand, then Dark Sand mixed with Pale Sand
  • Khaki: Khaki, then Khaki mixed with Pale Sand
  • Buff: Buff then Buff mixed with Pale Sand
  • Stone Grey: Stone Grey then Stone Grey mixed with Ivory
  • Iraqi Sand: Iraqi Sand then Iraqi Sand mixed with Pale Sand
  • Saddle Brown: Saddle Brown then Saddle Brown mixed with Dark Sand
  • Black: Black Grey
  • Metallic Black: Black mixed with Gunmetal Grey
  • Beige Brown: Beige Brown then Beige Brown mixed with Medium Flesh-tone
  • Brass: Brass
  • Gunmetal Grey: Gunmetal Grey then Silver
I then texture the bases by super-gluing on small areas of grit and then filling the rest of the base with Vallejo Pumice Gel. Then, paint the bases Yellow Ochre, dry-brush with Yellow Ochre and Pale Sand, then Pale Sand.

 Here are a few close-ups:

NCO Thompson sub-machine gun

Private with SMLE

BREN gun team

Here is a group shot of the 29 figures painted so far.

The Desert Rats so far
The last ten figures from this box are base-coated and just awaiting some highlights. I'll hopefully have them sorted by the weekend.