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Sunday, 31 December 2017

American Civil War: Confederates (5)

This week it was time to crack on with the Confederates with a group of Confederate horse accompanied by a leader join the forces for our Sharp Practice games, I also did a quick paint job on a Warbases hand-cart to add to the growing collection of baggage that I am amassing.

The Confederate cavalry leader is made up from standard components from the Perry Miniatures American Civil War Cavalry box, although most of the hats used come from the better variety available in the American Civil War Confederate Infantry box.

The initial cavalry force for the Confederates is a single group of eight riders in a mix of greys, butternuts and browns, a ragged counterpoint to the uniformity of the recent batch of Union cavalry that were painted earlier.

Another group of Confederate cavalry are already on the production line and should make a blog update in the near future.

The final item is a quick paint job on a Warbases hand-cart, this was basecoated black, highlighted with Black-Grey and a final highlight of Neutral Grey and the wheel rims highlighted in Gunmetal Grey, as you can see the final result is grey....

Below are a collection of close-ups on the Confederate horse showing some of the palette used.

Finally, a round up of some of the gaming goodies received over the festive period, firstly from my daughter some more Baccus 6mm French Dragoons, a pack each of mounted and dismounted for the War of the Spanish Succession project.

Victoria also contributed to the WSS project with a pack each of Line Infantry, Grenadiers and dismounted Dragoons. She also added a Warbases out-house and chicken coop that shall see service in our Sharp Practice games

My dear mother in law added another box of Confederate infantry along with a box of Agincourt English for a project I hope to start in 2018. A set of Rosemary and Co. series 401 completed her very generous contribution.

From my parents a box of ACW cavalry, some Renedra bases and some Warbases movement trays.

I've been a very spoiled gamer this Christmas :)

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