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Sunday, 17 December 2017

American Civil War: Union (6)

I now have enough American Civil War stuff painted to play about 90pts per side for Sharp Practice, so I can make a start on extending the forces to include more options.

I've purchased a couple of boxes of the Perry Miniatures American Civil War Cavalry with a view to adding some cavalrymen to the mix. I've cleaned up and primed enough for a group each of Confederate and Union along with a Leader for each. So far I've managed to finish the first group of eight Union horsemen.

The dark blue on these is a little lighter than on the infantry as I appear to have misplaced my Vallejo Dark Prussian blue so used Royal Blue on these instead. The breeches were also done from a base of Pastel Blue so are also lighter than those of the infantrymen.

 We play our first game with the collection on Thursday evening, hopefully they shall see some use.