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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Polemos WSS Bash

Thursday saw the first game in a long time for the Madison Tea & Crumpets Wargames Club. The post few meets have been painting sessions and I've had a Thursday away on business, so some die rolling was long overdue.

I set up a couple of forces comprising an Anglo-Dutch force and a slightly smaller French force (must do more painting), both sides comprised six divisions each of two brigades - this was to be rather an undoing.

Drew and Seth took the French, we bolstered all their horse to Veterans to make up for the lack of numbers while I took the Anglo-Dutch, Bruce would turn up later and help out with my troops.

Both sides started quite cagey and were building up the tempo before committing any troops to the battle. After a few turns of ineffective cannon fire both sides felt that they had the tempo for a general advance and soon they were advancing towards each other.

The first clashes appeared on the Dutch left, where two divisions of horse clashed, being of better quality the French held the upper hand, but the Dutch did not give way so easily and made some headway of their own.

The supporting Dutch foot were soon into combat and although most of the fire that rippled along the front line was desultory, one crashing volley caused one French battalion to immediately flee the field.

On the Dutch right the horse had eventually come to grips but this, as expected almost immediately started gong the way of the French.


The cavalry clash on the left was reaching a crescendo, both leading brigades had each lost a unit of horse and some other units were shaken, so it was time to test for morale. The Dutch quite easily passed theirs, but it was a calamity for the French.

The first brigade of horse rolled a six for their morale test and decided to quit the field, as half or more of the brigades in the division were broken the entire division quit the field. To make things worse, Drew rolled a six for the Critical Morale Test and lost a half of his morale markers!

It got worse, testing for the three battalion infantry brigade that had lost a single battalion, drew again rolled a six, that brigade was also quitting the field and taking the division with it. Another six on the Critical Morale Test saw the French army collapse and the Dutch claim the day.

Rather an anti-climax, the Dutch had only one one unit and the French two!

 Next week we are having our fist crack at Battletech after over a year, hopefully Drew will have much better luck then! And I'll get to play with those Mechs I painted over a year ago and did nothing with.

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