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Sunday, 22 March 2015

German Snipers and a high ranking General

This week I have painted a pack of the Great War Miniatures German Snipers from Northstar along with the freebie give-away from the Hammerhead show, Chief of the German General Staff, Erich von Falkenhayn, architect of the slaughter at Verdun.

First up is the Hammerhead freebie figure. Not sure if he will get any usage in our games, but a nice little add in to our forces.

The pack of German snipers is exquisite and I have probably gone a bit overboard with the number of close-ups but the pictures on the Northstar site do not do justice to this pack.

The first chap is taking aim over a pile of sand-bags and wearing facial armour.

I added a muddy puddle and some barbed wire to the base to finish it off.

The second one is probably my favourite, but it is a close call.

This fellow has constructed a hide and has an armoured plate with a 'key-hole' to snipe through.

The figure comes with piles of bricks, wood and corrugated iron.

This third chap runs close for my favourite from the blister.

Like the first he has head armour.

He wears a cape that I have camouflaged in shades of brown.

The last up is probably my least favourite, but still a nice figure.

Wearing a coal-scuttle with additional plate protection on the front.

This is a great pack of figures and you can really go to town when painting them.

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