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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Republican reinforcements - and about time too

Regular readers will no doubt be concerned with the number of Nationalist troops I have been painting of late, some even may think my political leaning has become skewed. Fear not dear reader, this week I have been painting some Republicans for a change, hopefully they will get used in our game at Cannon tomorrow.

Firstly is an Anglian / Empress UNL-35 armoured car. The main colour is Vallejo Green-Brown and I have worked up from there. The commander is the one that comes with the Empress Panzer I. I quite like how this came out apart from the streaking I managed to do on the top of the hull, I may have to re-do that bit.


I have also painted eight Anglian / Empress Republicans, these are the older models with the separate heads, I don't usually like that, however, these seemed to fit quite well and don't look un-natural like some separate head systems that are popular these days.

Four of these are based on 25mm bases so they can be used as Junior Leaders in our Chain of Command Espana games.

Here are the usual 'extreme close up' shots.

These highlight the sloppy brushwork nicely.

Finally for our game at Cannon tomorrow I wanted some more Spanish terrain, so have put together three sections of vines, pretty much based on an article I saw on somebody elses bog while browsing yesterday lunchtime.

The photos are a bit washed out but you should get an idea.

The figures should give you an idea of the size. These will début at the show tomorrow.

Talking of the Cannon show, if you are a reader of the blog I'd be very happy to meet you, pop over to the game and say hello. We are in the space allocated to James Morris's Agordat game, unfortunately, he is unable to make it so I am taking a Spanish Civil War game instead.

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