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Sunday 6 September 2015

Age of Arthur at The Other Partizan 2015

Today Simon, James, Martin, Steve and myself gathered together our Age of Arthur collections and put on a pair of games at the final Partizan from Kelham Hall using Simons rather splendid To The Strongest rules.

Having arrived back from the U.S.A. on Friday I had very little to do with the organising of this game, I just needed to grab my figures and turn up. This was harder than I expected, when the alarm went off at 0700 I was so fatigued with jet lag that I could not get up so I texted the guys to say that I would not be there until 0900 and went back to bed.

After a quick shower and breakfast I loaded the car and arrived at a tardy 0915 just in time for my troops to be needed. We finished setting up the two battles and I think they looked rather fine!.

The show opened at 1000 and the first visitors started coming into the Coach House where we were situated, as this was participation we signed up the first group of players and started the first game at 1100 I was making sure that the Britons and Saxons game ran well while Simon managed the game between the Picts and Brittania forces.

James helped out on my side and the forces were soon in action and the Britons were losing cavalry quite badly.

The British infantry joined the fray and the Saxon warbands soon started to fall though and as we broke for lunch both forces had lost 9 victory medals.

After a quick lunch of unsuitable food I went into the Dome to view the other games and there were some lovely displays on offer. I did take quite a few pictures but they all came out very dark.

I then went up on to the balcony and was able to get some rather better shots with my zoom lens.

It was now time to restart our game, but despite some sugary food, one Redbull, one Coke and a coffee I was struggling to keep my eyes open so retired leaving my figures in the care of the chaps.

In keeping with my recent slow down in figure purchases I only picked up some Testors Dullcote from Great Escape Games and a lovely Renault FT-17 from First Corps. I hope to have that painted soon, it can do double duty in both the WWI and the Spanish Civil War games.

Hopefully, SimonMartin and Steve will have some better reports up of the action on their respective blogs soon.

Edit: I took a few pictures of our game on my phone but it died. Having breathed some life back into it, here they are.

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