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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Germans in gas-masks and a 77mm gun and crew

The six Germans in gas-masks have been base-coated and washed and awaiting highlights for quite a few weeks now, however on Friday I got the kick up the arse that I needed to rekindle my painting mojo when chum James visited me at the office with a 77mm field gun and crew from the Great War Miniatures range supplied by Northstar.

It was very kind of James, and I know he has a slight ulterior motive as the last game in our ongoing campaign will require the Germans to field a 77mm gun. Home from work on Friday I got it assembled - no mean feat - and cleaned up the crew ready for a spray of grey car primer on Saturday morning.

While that dried I did the highlights on the six German Command and Support in Gas Masks then made a start in the gun and crew. By Saturday evening they were all done and had a spray of matt varnish this morning.

I am quite happy how the gun came out, the four standing crew are removable from the base and can be replaced with the empty shell cases when casualties.

I do note however that I have already managed to chip off some paint under the muzzle, I shall have to repair that.

When playing Chain of Command the gun has a Junior Leader and five crew so these two blisters are the perfect configuration, the Junior Leader being the guy closest to the camera in this shot.

From the Command and Supports in gas mask are these two that will be used as leaders, the one on the right has a Bergmann SMG though so is not suitable for our Verdun games but can be used as a Trench Broom in our later war games.

A extra pair of riflemen in gas-mask.

Finally, and again not suitable for our Verdun games, but a MG08/15 light machine-gun with crew in gas-masks, I quite like how these came out.

Apologies for the picture quality, the florescent tube in my daylight lamp has blown and the spare is incandescent and leaves these rather washed out.

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