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Copyright © 2020, Paul Scrivens-Smith

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Partizan: Belgian Detective

I have had this chap lying around much longer than I care to imagine, but over the past few days have splashed a little bit of paint on the fellow.

Chum Lee also asked for a tutorial on my 'quick and dirty' method for painting faces. All paints are Vallejo.

Step 1: block in all flesh with Beige Brown

Step2: Over-paint with Medium Fleshtone

Step 3: Wash with Sepia Wash

Step 4: Allow to dry

Step 5: Using really thinned Medium Fleshtone reapply flesh tone, leave some of the original showing at the joins.

Step 6: Same again, reapply thinned down Medium Fleshtone leaving some of the previous step showing.

 Step 7: Add a touch of Ivory to the thinned Medium Fleshtone, apply to the knuckles, cheekbones, chin, jaw-line and ear-tips.

Step 8: Define around the eyes, nose, lips, facial hair, between fingers, etc. with Windsor & Newton Peat Brown ink.

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