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Friday, 27 November 2015

WAB El Cid Day 21st November

On Saturday I ran an El Cid campaign day at the Polly.

Given that WAB is supposedly dead it was great to have eight players for an 'in book' event.

The factions represented were:

  • James of Zaragoza with his lovely Andalusians
  • Lee of Leon with Christian Spanish loaned by Keith
  • Trevor of Castile with his Christian Spanish
  • Myself, Scrivs of Toledo with my Christian Spanish
  • Simon of Valencia with his Almoravids
  • Richard of Cordoba who loaned my Almoravids
  • Tom of Badajoz with his Almoravids
  • Keith of Seville with his Almoravids

James very kindly let us use the Siege of Valencia terrain that appeared in his El Cid book, if you own the book you will recognise quite a lot of the figures and terrain in  the following photos.

Each player started the game with six territories and a treasury of gold (chocolate) coins. As battles were won and lost the territories would be gained or lost and as characters were killed or captured the treasury would be expended.

Also, during each game every player could once re-roll the dice at the cost of two gold.

Finally, at the start of each game every player was given a bonus card, these were not always a bonus :)

At the start of the campaign

Keiths Almoravids

James' Adalusians

Keiths Christian Spanish being used by Lee

Trevors Christian Spanish

Lee gets to grips with Trev

My Almoravids fielded by Richard

Toms Almoravids

More of Toms Almoravids

James Andalusians

Keiths Berber horse

James Andalusian Jinetes

James advances on Keith in the Apellido scenario

Citizens of Valencia look on

Lee and Trevors Christan Caballeros get to grips

Both sides try to hold the top of the old watchtower hill

The Almoravids repel the Christian Knights in Andalusian service

The Berber foot stand solid

James' rather lovely Andalusian Nobles

Trevors Guard Spearmen hold the watch-tower hill but are punished severely

Rival factions of Berbers fight for control of the Christian church

At the end of the first actions

Unfortunately the ships carrying Simons Berbers were delayed in the Mediterranean (actually his car broke down) and they were not able to make the initial round of combats. However, Lee of Leon made great gains of territory against Trevor of Castile. Likewise Richard of Cordoba established dominance over Tom of Badajoz again capturing a great swathe of land.  James of Zaragoza drove off the Berbers of Keith of Seville and were able to also grab some territory.

The boats carrying Simon of Valencia arrived and we were able to eat a pie and pea lunch before settling down to the next round.

Round two and my Almoravids face James' Andalusians

James' lovely Andalusian spearmen

Lee fields Keiths Christian Spanish against him

Lee and Keith again

Simon's Almoravids do battle against Richard to determine who is top Mullah

Simons horse archers

Trevor and Tom have at it

Keiths lovely Berber foot against his own Christian Knights

Lee fields Keiths Christians

Tom's Black guard about to become a Berber sandwich

Trevors Caballeros

Hard fight on the watchtower hill

It's nearly all over for Simon as Richards troops press on.

Well the end of round two and I don't seem to have any pictures for round three!

By the end of the day Lee of Leon held the most territories and I hope everybody had a great time.

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