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Saturday, 28 November 2015

SALE - Oldhammer Classics Wood Elves

These chaps have not seen the light of day for many a year, we moved house in 2004 and they were shoved in the back of the garage and have remained there since. The last time this was out I lent it to a friend to use in a tournament, looking in the box today I found that some of my original figures were missing but part of somebody else force was in there. Well eleven year later I'm claiming eminent domain and they are getting sold.

All were painted by me in the late 1980's, the paint-jobs are still fine but rather dated.

All are the old metal figures and a bit in the white metal, not finecast. As may be expected some of the plastic horses tails have fallen off, those old elven horses were terrible models for that.

MD04 Elven Attack Chariot War Wain - painted rather a long time ago, but ripe for repair or repainting £75.00 (these go for silly money on eBay)

Ariel - Queen of the Wood Elves, considered one of Citadels worse ever figures, yours for £25.00

Orion, King of the Wood Elves, had rather a nasty accident £10.00

Mage on Great Eagle, base needs re-pinning £12.00

Five War Hawk riders, a couple of bases need pinning again - £25.00

Treeman - £15.00

Harlequin Miniatures Treeman - much more imposing than the GW one and a lot taller - £12.00 - SOLD

8 Glade Riders, quite a few broken spears and tails - £20.00

6 Glade Riders with bows, again a few broken tails - £15.00

8 of the classic original War-dancers - £28.00

8 Dryads - £32.00

12 Dryads - £48.00

Hero on warhwak, mage on warhawk, mage on horse, mage on foot £20.00

5 Way Watchers £17.50

10 RRD4 Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers - £40.00

24 Wood Elf Archers - £72.00

21 Wood Elf Glade Guard - £63.00

21 RRD4 Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers £80.00

I'll post worldwide and if you order over £200.00 it will be post free.

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